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Our Pediatric neurology services in Ambala are expertly delievered by Best Pediatric Neurologist in Ambala - Dr Bharti Aggarwal specialising in trating various child neurological problemslike Rett syndrome,Infantile Seizure,autistic child,etc

There are several neurology related issues which are faced by many kids but are not given proper care and awareness, which leads to bigger issues. Our health centre also helps in spreading awareness about paediatric neurology related problems in various parts of India.

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Treatments we offer

Seizures are caused by a sudden burst of electric activity in the brain. There are different type of seizures ranging from subtle absences up to life threatening tonic clonic movement (shaking) in which sudden stiffening and shaking of body associated with unresponsiveness. Every 1 in 200 child has epilepsy. More than two third of children can have a good control of their epilepsy with appropriate treatment.

Autistic child will have problems with social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, poor imagination and limited interest with some repetitive behaviour (mannerism). It's a life long condition irrespective of the socioeconomic condition. A difference in the quality of life of the patient and the parents can be made with timely identification, a good understanding and multi-disciplinary professional approach.

It is a group of conditions usually occurring during foetal development, before, during or after the childbirth affecting the posture & movement of a child. Children may have problems such as weakness, stiffness, slowness, shakiness and poor balance. It can be defined as a central motor dysfunction affecting muscle tone, posture and movement. It is commonly believed that CP is neither genetic nor a disease. Globally 1-2 children suffer from this condition in 1,000 live births.

About Dr. Bharti Aggarwal

Whenever we have to know about a particular thing deeply, one thing is most required, and that is experience. With Dr. Bharti Aggarwal, you would be able to reach up to any kid's psychological problems with the help of 40 years of experience in Pediatrics. Dr. Bharti Aggarwal pursued MD Pediatrics from Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Medical College, Rohtak ,Haryana in 1982. She has been dealing with all problems related to children since then.

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