Here at our health care centre, you would be able to deal with our highly skilled neurology team, which will help your kid to get rid of every problem related to the nervous system. Our paediatric neurology services are not only for kid, but adolescents can also take advantage of our health care services efficiently.

There are a total of two types of neurology problems that can be cured by our team, and those are as follows-

  • Simple nervous issues- In this case, our team will help your child by diagnosing and treating simple nervous system related problems with easy methods.
  • Complex neurological disorders- Here, in this case, our team would be able to deal with some complex nervous system related issues such as genetic disorders and many more.

There are several neurology related issues which are faced by many kids but are not given proper care and awareness, which leads to bigger issues. Our health centre also helps in spreading awareness about paediatric neurology related problems in various parts of India.