Epilepsy Treatment in Ambala

Epilepsy has high prevalence and incidence rates affecting all ages and all races of both sexes.In today's time there is vast classification, even patients showing no motor activity can be put in category of epilepsy.Timely diagnosis and proper treatment in these patients are important to let them live a near normal life


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a common name these days. Children with ADHD , who are left untreated have high incidence of drug abuse , poor school performance, job failures and marital dicords. It is important to treat this children properly to avoid complications in later life

Behavioral problems

In today's time, when parents are over caring and over protective, the children commonly throw tantrums and have different behavioral problems, which can be looked after by pediatric neurologist.

Cerebral Palsy

These days, with better survival of preterm babies and babies who had undergone perinatal asphyxia, we see many children who lay behind in their development. It may not be too late before we really get to know about this problem and start working on it, approaching a pediatric neurologist may be very helpful for early intervention.

Speech Delay Treatment in Ambala

Speech delay

We see many children with delayed speech, which can be isolated , related to environmental factors, excess mobile use or related to other problems. Here comes the role of your baby mind doctor to help your child and you


With excess screen viewing, tensions and stress of studies, headaches can be as simple as migraine to as serious as brain tumors.Your doctor will help you for proper diagnosis

Movement disorder, gait problems, frequent falls, tics, thumb sucking , nail biting , breath holding spells are all which come under domain of pediatric neurologist

Learning difficulties

These days terms like dyslexia is quite commonly used. But there are so many other learning problems we see in children.


It is very important and useful test for diagnosis of seizures and other situations where children fall unconscious. Properly done and interpreted EEG can be very helpful for proper management of these children We have facilities for video EEG which is done and interpreted by pediatric neurologist